Binh Thuan, the most southern province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam, is located in the between of country’s famous tourist destinations, namely Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province), Da Lat city (Lam Đong province), Vung Tau city (Ba Ria-Vung Tau province) and Ho Chi Minh City. Binh Thuan has 1 city (Phan Thiet), 1 town (La Gi), 1 island district (Phu Quy) and 7 districts (Tuy Phong, Bac Binh, Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Thuan Nam, Đuc Linh, Tanh Linh, Ham Tan).

With 192 km long coastline, Binh Thuan has many beautiful beaches, such as those in Mui Ne, Hon Rom (Phan Thiet), Thuan Quy (Ham Thuan Nam), Cam Binh (La Gi), Binh Thanh (Tuy Phong), etc. Besides, the red flying sand dunes in Mui Ne (Phan Thiet city), which changes their shapes everyday under the effect of winds, and the small desert of white sand dunes in Bau Trang (White Lake) are not-to-miss destinations for any visitor of the province. Consequently, there is no exaggeration to say that Binh Thuan province, which is famous for the brand name of “Blue sea, White sand, Yellow sunshine”, is an earthly paradise for tourists around the world.

Binh Thuan has many historical-cultural heritages, for example, Po Sah Inu Cham towers, Duc Thanh shool (where the young patriot Nguyen Tat Thanh, later President Ho Chi Minh, had stopped and worked as a teacher before going abroad to find the way to save our country), Van Thuy Tu (the most famous whale temple in Binh Thuan, where houses the largest whale skeleton in Southest Asia), Ke Ga lighthouse (one of the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam and Southeast Asia), pagodas on Ta Cu mountain (where located the “Asia’s longest lying Buddha statue on a mountain top”).

The gastronomy of Binh Thuan is rich and varied. Many dishes of Binh Thuan have officially recognized  to be specilties of Vietnam by Vietnam Book of Records (Vietking), including Phan Thiet fish sauce, one-sun-dried squids, dragon fruit, “lau tha” (local style hot pot), “canh canh cha ca” (noodle soup with Vietnamese fish cake), “banh can” (can cake – a kind of Vietnamese mini-pancake). As a coastal province, Binh Thuan is famous for delicious dishes of seafood, e.g., grilled scallop, grilled sweet snail, boiled spanner crab, shrimp roasted with salt and chilli, salad of fishes (herring, “mai” fish or “duc” fish), etc.

Many festivals are organized in Binh Thuan each year, for instance, Traditional Boat Racing Festival on Ca Ty river (on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year), Cau Ngu Festival 20th of Lunar June), Nghinh Ong Quan Thanh De Quan Festival (after 15th of Lunar July), Mid-autumn Festival (14th of Lunar August), Ka-te Festival (1st of July in Cham calendar, around Solar October), Dinh Thay Thim Festival (from 14th to 16th of Lunar September) and especially, the Binh Thuan tourism Day (24th October).

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